These Terms stipulate the terms of use of (hereinafter referred to as "this site"), various matters concerning the use, and other necessary matters. For those who use this site, please use the service of this site with agreeing to the following terms of service. In addition, we assume that you accepted the contents of this agreement by using / viewing this service.

Article 1 Use of this site
Information necessary for submission is input on the terminal owned by the user and sent to this site under the responsibility of the user. In the unlikely event that this site judges that you use a terminal owned by a third party or if you use the name of another person or a similar one, this site will delete the user's post, We reserve the right to refuse to use.

Article 2 Obligations and responsibilities of users
· The user shall use only the responsibility of himself / herself and use the information obtained by using this site with his own judgment and responsibility.
· The user assumes all responsibility for self actions on this site, caused by violation of these Terms of Service, etc.
· If a user finds a violation of these Terms of Use, it shall immediately report to this Site.
· In case of violating these Terms of Use and giving a cost burden or damages to this site, the user shall bear all costs including compensation for damages arising from such violation and attorneys fees.
· The user himself assumes all legal responsibility for his actions on this site. This website is exempt from any responsibility for the user's actions on this site.

Article 3 User Content
· The copyright of the user content belongs to the person who created the copyrighted work.
· We do not do censoring the content that the user posted in this site in advance on this site in advance. Therefore, posting content that is unpleasant for each user such as slander slander, discrimination, criticism, obscene contents, contents contrary to laws of Japan, or possibly content that may be posted as user content in this site Although there are also, this site basically does not concern at all with regard to the contents of user contents, and does not assume any responsibility.
· The user himself / herself owns the copyright of the copyrighted work included in the user content, that the user himself / herself is legally permitted to use the copyrighted work by the copyright holder or We assure you that you are using the copyrighted material in a lawful manner. In the unlikely event that an objection is requested with respect to user content from a third party, we will resolve this by the responsibility of the user himself and the cost burden.
· Users shall have no liability whatsoever including physical and mental damage caused by their user contents and their data, regardless of whether or not they are faulty.
· This site can browse all user contents on this website as necessary for operation, and if judged to be in violation of this Terms of Service based on its discretion, it will be required for advance Without notice, all or part of the user's content may be undocumented or deleted.
· This site confirms the contents sent by users for posting on this site before publication and shall be able to restrict and delete the posting when judging that it is against this Terms of Service .
· When we are asked to delete user contents, we do not promise to delete. This site will not be held responsible even if the user suffers damage due to the contribution contents.
· In the event that this site judges that it is necessary to protect our rights, property, service, etc., or to protect the life, body or property of a third party, we will transfer user content to the third such as the police etc. We can disclose and provide to the institution.

Article 4 Prohibited matter
· Any act that this site can judge as wanting a heterosexual relationship
· Solicitation or mediation of prostitution or child prostitution or any act similar thereto
· Acts to describe personal information such as e-mail address and telephone number
· Acts of sending mails, postings, link setting sexual information such as sexual images and nude images, images, videos, sounds etc.
· Acts that interfere with the use of this site by a third party
· Acts of disgusting third parties, such as promoting disgust or inconvenience to third parties, discrimination, slander, and promoting unfair discrimination against third parties
· Acts that violate third party's property, privacy or credibility
· Acts of collecting and disclosing personal information of a third party without permission
· Other users · Spoof acts as third parties
· Pictures, lyrics etc. are posted without the consent of the right holder · Acts of infringing the copyright by sending mail etc.
· Acts of infringing portrait rights by posting images / videos etc. of portraits of third part without permission of the principal · sending e-mail etc.
· Acts of infringing on the intellectual property right (patent right, design right, trademark right etc) of this site or a third party
· Collective suicide, suicide notice · Suicide method etc. Delete promotion · Attribute content · Act to conduct e-mail etc.
· Acts of using this site as a place of business for solicitation, sales, promotion activities, assignment, trading, exchange, etc. without prior permission of this site
· Unauthorized access to the server of this site and excessive burden
· Acts of copying, copying, modifying, adding, modifying and secondary use of all or part of the software and data used in this site
· Acts that interfere with the operation of this site or acts to induce / encourage such conduct
· Acts contrary to public order and morals
· All other acts that this website deemed inappropriate

Article 5 Restrictions on the use of this site
· When this site accepts that the user violates these terms of use, this site can take the following measures.
· Canceling the provision of all or part of the service on this site
· Private setting or deletion of all or part of user contents
· In case of solicitation, immediate deletion will not be accepted.
· Access prohibition action

Article 6 External link
· For advertisements posted on this site, use of linked services, etc., the user and the relevant advertiser
· We will take responsibility at the linked site and will not be aware of this site at all.
· This site is advertised in this service · Dealings made by external links
· We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of the service and damage caused by the advertisement being posted itself.

Article 7 About personal information
Information handed over with this service shall be dealt with strictly in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and will be used within the scope of the following purposes.
· Statistical data in a state where individuals can not be identified, to compile and analyze information, etc. for the purpose of improving this service
· To send e-mails / e-mail magazines related to this service · various notices
· Other purposes, for purposes attached to the above purpose

Article 8 Provision of information
This service may disclose information to users and / or contents of submissions when information disclosure is requested · or to the following third party as necessary.
· Inappropriate inquiries from courts, police, other judicial or administrative agencies, or equivalent persons
· When it is necessary to deal with complaints against contributions infringing third party's rights
· In the event that it is determined that there is a problem in violation of laws or regulations or the regulations established by this site and other social common ideas
· When necessary to protect the rights or interests of this site, other users, or other third parties
· When judging that this site is necessary

Article 9 Disclaimer
· This site basically does not involve any communication or activities between users. Collisions among users
· In case trouble occurs with advertiser of advertisement posted on site or link site, the parties will resolve it, and we will not bear any responsibility on this site .
· In using this site, even if the user suffered damage due to default or illegal action based on the negligence of this site, this website has no responsibility for compensating damages I will not bear it.
· In case of conducting solicitation, we will charge 150 yen per contribution as administrative work cost and attorney fee for making caller information disclosure request based on the Provider Liability Limitation Law, together with the deletion fee.
· If this site suffers a disadvantage due to a nuisance by the customer, we will charge all expenses for problem solving.
· This site is not responsible for lost use opportunities that occurred to users, business interruption, failure to obtain the expected profit, and any kind of damage other than those stated in the preceding paragraph will do.

Article 10 Change of service
It is possible to do without interruption, suspension, change, or abolition of the services provided by this site without notice, and we do not under any obligation to users. Moreover, even if there is any damage to the user due to suspension, stop, change, abolition of the service of this site, we do not assume any responsibility. On this site, there are cases where restrictions on the use of users' services are made as necessary as a measure to avoid the suspension of services, and we have the right to do so.

Article 11 Change of terms
Although we may change this agreement without notice as necessary, we will not be notified whenever revising, so please refer to the latest terms and conditions before using. If this agreement is changed, the changed contents will be effective immediately after posting on this site.
本規約は、以下 本サイト)の利用条件、利用に関する諸事項、その他必要な事項を定めたものです。本サイトをご利用される方には、以下の利用規約に同意の下、本サイトのサービスをご利用頂きます。また、本サービスを利用・閲覧することにより本規約の内容を承諾頂いたものとみなします。

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